the shepherd.

Bullet! Bullet! Sing, I strike…
Day and night, remains
your embrace,

hot and keen,
licks the chest open
Bullet! Bullet! The air is yours…

as you trail by.
Bullet! Bullet! Bullet!
My little sun, rise red on the skin;

you never set.
Bullet! Bullet! Light of the world,
you adorn the rich and

the poor,

your touch is destined to
Bullet! Bullet! by my side you abide.
I hear!
Your moan encrusts

streets and fields and

Bullet, lead us, we pray… Lead us

to the plowing
Bullet! Bullet You, Wraith!
Haunt the soul ’til dry
and I will find you
resting quiet

near the wall of stone…
… a bullet and the bone.













Photo: David NEFF ~High-Speed Bullet Art


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