Tree (pull the sun).

Oh, tree…
Pull the Sun
Down, down closer.
Pull his hair, tie
It to your branches.
Oh, tree… Hold it tight.

Oh, tree… Tree!
Tear the Sun, and
On my skin, from
Beneath your leaves,
Make a collage for me…

Oh, tree! Oh,
Lick the Sun’s light
Out, and when under you I

lay, drip it in my eyes, gold,
Drip it in my ears, hold,
Blow it into my pores…

-trickles bright
They set my skin alight.

Tree, oh, tree! Oh
Pull the hinges
of Hell apart, and spill
Your Sun in.

And as you hold the heavens,
Tree, my head against your
Faded-jean bark, I hear
Summer whistle
Away, your leaves between
The teeth.

Tree, oh, oh, tree! A leaf
I beg,

A leaf for heart’s bread.












Photo:  Ava-Rebekah RAHMAN ~


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