the last blast (of atom and eve).


the broken seed expired

its stem (on high),
casting affray

earth and sky.
The tree seethed

it’s roots in the Styx, and I

saw the earth writhe.
I saw it blossom and rise

tall, it dispersed
the calescent leaves

(the strident sighs!)
into the mute Ethèr,

pillaging soul and air.
The stem, I saw it rip out,

sever the seals
to the four winds

by which, to oceans and hills,

the azure was held stout.
Hark! The last gasp!

I saw the colors collapse,

devour flesh and stone
in their plunge.

Broken into smithereens…
I hearsay

that, under the hurled foliage,
a cloak was seen

to its scythe

And I saw the earth writhe.















Photo: Federal Government of the United States, “Ivy Mike” the first H bomb


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